IMPACT is part of our DNA at The Pointe. We go globally by acting locally. Two teams make a concerted and powerful impact on the world in which we live. Our NEXT IMPACT INITIATIVES are listed below:


  • Christmas Offering For Local Compassion and New York 2015
  • Ornaments of Hope (Purchasing gifts for local families in need)
  • Least Of These Gaston 12 Hours OF Christmas (Purchasing gifts for foster families in need)
  • The Backpack Weekend Food Program (Delivering food weekly to dozens of local hungry children in schools so they can be well-fed through the weekend)


  • Christmas Offering For Ethiopia 2015 (December 2014)
  • Ethiopia 2015 Impact Trip (Spring/Summer 2014)
Please let me know if there are questions or clarifications or anything additional needed from me. Feel free to email me here at Email Us.